The Old Skool Boat Party with Brandon Block


In preparation for our big Old Skool boat party this week, we asked some of our Djs playing on the night what their fave old skool classic anthems are..

Expect to hear these tracks in full force on 30th!

1. Michael Mitch – Get Decor , Passion –  “amazing Piano Rift, hits the spot, released in 1992 and first heard it at clockwork orange in 1996”

2. Kieran Harrison – Underworld, Born Slippy –  “Heard it first in Amesia and the place went off”

3  Pat Mundy – Push came to shove, ‘ what about this love ‘  Mr Fingers’ –   “I remember taping it off FORCE FM years ago, one of the tunes that really got me into record collecting”

4. Stuart J –  Josh Wink , Higher state of consciousnes –  “This brings back floods of memories from Ibiza 95. Such an anthem, was spun more than once a night in all the clubs we were raving in and invoked a massive reaction every time it was played. The tune was so unique and with its funky breakbeat and screaming 303 it was instantly an anthem for me and forever will be”

5. Matt Emulsion – Slo Motion , The Bells of New York  – “The piano always gets people going and when it slows down and speeds up its the ultimate drop. It reminds me of playing at moondance”

6. Steven Lee – ” My fave old skool track is god made me phunky md – x press 2 featuring mike dunn. A proper 90s house classic, the piano and the keys are awesome and constant throughout whole track production was spot on & vocals i still play it now & the response is crazy.”

7. Lee Rich – ” I have too many fave tracks, but for me it has to be  “Masters at Work, To Be In Love” this was the first track i played at my first gig back in 1997 at Hammersmith Palais alongside Brandon Block ironically”

To hear these amazing tracks and many others, cruising up the Thames alongside so many eye catching views will be a night to remember.


Posted on 25th April 2016