NYE Electronic Sessions Boat Party Headline Dj Oliver Lang Interview

We are fast approaching our 9th!! New Years Eve boat party in a row, and In preparation for the big event, we interviewed our headline act OLIVER LANG about his year so far and more importantly, what we can expect from him on NYE.

Oliver has had a busy year with new productions, a Manchester residency and jet setting all over the world for gigs on top of his Ibiza commitments year in year out.


RGS: This is your 3rd time playing behind the decks for us on a NYE boat party, firstly thanks for coming back again, but what for you makes these events so special for you?

OL: I love playing the boat parties in the summer, for obvious reasons, but there is something special about the atmosphere on NYE, there’s is a real buzz about the place, everyone is in a real party vibe. Every year I have done one it seems to get better too, and there is literally no better place to be for the fireworks at midnight than in the middle of the Thames.


RGS: What is your best memory from playing on our NYE boat party last year?

OL: It was actually coming on the decks just after the fireworks had finished. London produces one of the best displays in the world, so to get on the decks just after that, with the houses of parliament one side and the London eye the other, with all the lights and the atmosphere, is one of the best experiences anyway. But generally people are even more pumped up once the fireworks are over, and they just let their hair down and go nuts for the rest of the night. Great memories.


RGS: So what can we expect from your set this year Oli?

OL: I think the important thing about these events is the ‘ house party’ vibe that they create, and because of that fact, i think it is important to not play anything too outside of the box. I plan on playing a nice blend of party house music, old school classics, and good quality deep and tech. The sound system on the boat is phenominal to play on, and my music is going to work a treat on board!


RGS: Tell us a bit about your 2015 then? ( you might want to change this mate lol)

OL: It’s been a nice and diverse year for me, as I have moved back to the UK and playing far more events over here, which has been great.Having based myself in Ibiza for the past 10 years for a majority of the year with all my residencies there it has been refreshing to play in new venues and countries even. I have just got back from an Asian tour, with the highlight being in Bali. Ibiza is obviously still close to my heart, and I had some incredible events out there, including ……. .I also couldn’t not mention the Electronic Sessions boat party that I played earlier in the year, it is always so much fun!! music wise I have been in the studio a lot….


RGS: The music scene is constantly evolving and changing. What are some of the current trends and how do you feel about them?

OL: A lot of people talk about the “boom of EDM or Deep House” with the success of all the major festivals and the rise of dance music on popular radio. Hate it or love it, it’s just a thing that’s happening right now.
The good thing though I feel is that next to the mainstages, there are also a lot of smaller stages where a more experimental sound is really happening! With the popularity of dance music, there’s a lot of room for experimentation and new sounds to come alive! The great thing about the boat parties on new year especially, is the fact there is 2 floors of music, and a lot of diversity through a lot of genres, well, the important ones anyway:-)

RGS: One track that makes you feels elated? 

OL: Guy Gerber -Stoppage Time. It makes me wanna run out the door and go raving every time I hear


RGS: Which do you prefer: studio or stage time? Why?

OL: I love both in different ways, but anyone who knows me will say stage. I started out DJing and I turn into a different beast up there; I feel at home. You will see this on NYE.


RGS: If you had one free day in Ibiza and nobody would recognise you, how would you spend your time?

OL: I would probably go the north of the island or formentera, to one of the smaller beaches and eat a fresh fish in salt. Or take a trip on a boat


RGS: Finally if you could use 3 words to sum up the Electronic Sessions boat parties, what would you say?

OL: Memorable, Electric and Atmosphere…im buzzing for it


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Posted on 16th December 2015